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The Band

fan photos above by: jiff89, sjcorbett, chaoticallyangelic

We are a ska band of the Mirkwood & Shire Cafe venue in Arlington, Washington, making a playful ruckus of fun music to dance and skank to. Formed in May 2007, fusing ska and goblins to make a more wild kind of creature: we are Skablins - playing mischievously in all shapes and, especially, sounds.

Bringing hoppin' and jumpin' high-energy in a greatly concentrated mass of absolute ska-razyiness, with a many array of instruments in a lively, jam-packed, 10-or-so-piece member band. Featuring strong horns that could blast the Himalayas off the ground, sending it 360 degrees around the Earth, skanking all the way to NebraSKA. Skablins are not just a band; they are a rubber, elastic band, used in a slingshot to shoot off a powerhouse of ska to bounce around and party to.